Benefits of Life Coaching

A lot of people ask, exactly what is life coaching? Well, the answer is quite simple… It is what you make of it!

Professional life coaching involves a professional relationship between the coach and the client. This relationship is different from that between a therapist and client, consultant and client, or even a mentor and client. The idea is that the relationship between the coach and the client is equal and collaborative (Biswas-Deiner, 2009).  The client is basically in charge of each session in the sense that they determine the focus, they determine what works for them and what doesn’t, and all decisions moving forward are completely up to the client.  The coach will be as active or inactive within the session as the client wants, asking powerful questions as needed to allow the client to view a situation from new perspectives and challenge the client to “dig deeper” within themselves to uncover their own answers and break through their own barriers.

So how, exactly, can life coaching benefit you?  Life coaching provides active listening, motivation, and accountability to a client’s life that they likely did not have before.  Many people know what they want out of life, but they set limitations for themselves and hold themselves back.  Others do not have a clear idea of what they want for their life and need help looking at what their goals really are.  Life coaching helps clients to identify their personal individual strengths and values, and to apply those when approaching strategies to achieve their goals.  It helps clients to identify, examine, and change their self-limiting thoughts, counterproductive behaviors, and troublesome emotions (Neenan, 2008).

If I could describe life coaching in a few words, they would be these:

“I can” attitude

Set Your Goals
If you would like to try life coaching to see if it is the solution you have been looking for to begin living a more successful and fulfilling life, contact me today for a FREE Consultation.


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Neenan, M. (2008, March). From cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) to cognitive behavior coaching (CBC). Journal of Rational-Emotive and Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, 26(1), 3-15.

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Nicole R. Locker is a strong, empowered woman writing about strong, empowered women (and the hunky Heroes brave enough to take them on). She's an avid lover of pit bull softies, Irish accents, and audiobooks. She lives in Lubbock, Texas, with her nephew and three dogs. Find her at
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