Why choose Life Goal Solutions, Inc.?

Why choose Life Goal Solutions, Inc.?

You can feel confident in your decision to work with the certified professional life coach of Life Goal Solutions, Inc.  My credentials include:

  • Associate of Arts in Psychology through South Plains College (2004)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology through Texas Tech University (2007)
  • Master of Science in Psychology through University of Phoenix (2013)
  • Professional Life Coach Certification through ExpertRating, an ISO 9001:2008 accredited agency.
  • 5 years experience in helping individuals and families set and achieve important life goals.

Psychology provides the fundamental methods and theories that Life Coaching is based on, including theories of Positive Psychology, Social Psychology, and Solution-Focused Approaches.

Life coaching is a growing helping profession that sets itself apart from counseling and consulting.  It focuses on the client’s strengths and builds on those to empower the client to create various strategies to achieve the specific goals he or she establishes.  It provides a fresh perspective and a new approach to your life, along with support along the way and celebration of your successes and breakthroughs.

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