Time Management

Life Coaching Daily Planner & Organizer 2013-2014


The latest edition of my life coaching planner and organizer is here and available for purchase!New features include:

  • July 2013 – December 2014 (18 full months)
  • Full description of Paul J. Meyer’s SMART Goal criteria
  • Motivational quotes for each week
  • Check-boxes for each monthly and weekly goal and action item

(For a spiral binding, take your take your planner to your local office supply store and ask them to bind it for you!)

Life Coaching Daily Planner & Organizer 2013


This calendar is a resource for individuals to use as a time management tool to keep track of a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule.  It will also help those participating in life coaching to keep daily reminders of goals and action  items to work on.Click here to purchase.
Purchase Price: $19.99

FREE Download: Weekly Calendar Printout

Use this weekly planner sheet to print out and write in your schedule for each day.  This is a very basic way to help you keep track of your schedule and manage your time.FREE File Download (Microsoft Word document)

Organize and Prioritize!
One of my time management exercises that I have my clients complete for time management is to make a list of all the things you MUST do at specific times.  (For example, hours you work, scheduled appointments, meetings, church, sleep, showering/dressing, etc.)  These are your Top Scheduling Priorities.

Next, make a list of tasks that you need to get to at some point during the day or week, but do not have a set time that it must be done in.  (For example, mowing the yard, going to the gym, grocery shopping, etc.)  These are your Medium Scheduling Priorities.

Finally, make another list of tasks that you would like to get to at some point during the day or week that does not have a set time to do and does not necessarily have to be done before the day/week is over.  (For example, calling a friend, reading a book, watching tv, playing video games, etc.)  These are your Low Scheduling Priorities.

Now take the Weekly Calendar Print-Out and begin adding your Top Scheduling Priorities to the calendar showing the times you know you are not available.  Draw a box around the hours that are taken up by these tasks.  Everything that is not labeled at this point is your FREE time!  You can start adding your other items to your calendar, of course starting with the Medium Scheduling Priorities and lastly your Low Scheduling Priorities.

  • Do you have more or less free time than you thought?
  • Does this make you think about what activities you are willing to spend more or less time on?

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